From the Preface

What is “the system” and how should we change it? This draft declaration offers an answer to that question. You’re invited to help improve this work-in-progress – or suggest your own answer. You can submit comments at TransformTheSystem.org.

My ideas are presented as food-for-thought, not the final word. I assume others could compose a better response and hope someone does.

However, I do believe the issues discussed here are important, and I believe my unique approach holds potential. So, I’d like for you to help me craft the best possible statement. Thinking together is often the best way to think, and writing helps me clarify my thinking.

      Respondents will be invited to discuss the issues online as well as participate in a workshop to review the responses and agree on feedback Saturday, June 16, 1-5 pm at the First Unitarian Church, 1187 Franklin, San Francisco.

RSVP Eventbrite: https://goo.gl/sdA24g.

For more information, visit TransformTheSystem.org.