Invite publishers, one at a time, to sponsor a “Transform the System” Essay Contest until a publisher is secured. The publisher will extend an open invitation to submit less-than-2000-word essays on the subject, “What is ‘the system’ and how can we change it?” for inclusion in a Transform the System Reader. Those who submit essays will be invited to comment on Wade Hudson’s essay, which will open the Reader, but will not be required to do so.

The publisher will also extend an open invitation to participate in the project’s advisory committee, which will evaluate submissions deemed by the editor to meet a minimal quality threshold.

The publisher will also extend an open invitation to apply for membership on an inclusive jury that will select the submissions to be published. From those applications, the publisher will form the jury.

Each author whose essay is selected will receive a [$????] advance.



NOTE: Feel free to share this idea with any organization that may want to use it, after modifying it as need be. Brackets indicate content to be filled in later. As I review feedback, I may modify this proposal.


Request for Submissions

[We, identify sponsor and partners] invite individuals and teams of individuals to submit proposals for how to help transform our global social system, improve the quality of life, and protect the environment.

Cash awards totalling [$xxxx] will be granted to one or more submissions judged to hold the greatest potential for nurturing widespread effective action.

Proposals should be no more than 1500 words and emailed to [contact info] by no later than [deadline). Shortly thereafter we’ll post final submissions at [link].

Those who want feedback before submitting their Call to Action are welcome to post their drafts on the Web and inform us. We’ll post links to those drafts at [link].

We’ll widely publicize this project and invite individuals who register to comment on and rate the submissions. A diverse jury will discuss those evaluations and develop a draft recommendation concerning which submission(s) should receive the award(s).

A public, live-streamed conference will be convened in [location] on [date] to evaluate the jury’s recommendation. Shortly thereafter the jury will discuss the conference’s deliberations and make its final decision.

We’ll invite everyone to stay informed about developments by subscribing to a newsletter and/or discussing issues on an online bulletin board.

We welcome your participation and encourage you to spread the word.

--[Sponsor and partners]


This proposal envisions a diverse jury granting the prize(s) through a process of live deliberation, which could include participation via internet or conference calls. This deliberation could be preceded by online discussion, but live dialog is essential because it enhances decision-making.

The sponsor would select the jury, delegate that decision to a team, or establish a process for making that decision.

In addition to the usual criteria used to determine diversity, I suggest that those who select jury members should bear in mind age and whether or not potential members have college degrees.


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