Change Myself, Change the World:
A Commitment
(7/29/18 Draft) 

NOTE: The latest draft will be maintained here. The first version of this Commitment was posted on the blog here  

I commit to:

  • Love and care for myself as I love and care for others.

  • Consistently become a better human being.

  • Appreciate my strengths and face my weaknesses.

  • Pay attention to, control, and try to change thoughts and feelings that can lead to oppressive or counterproductive behavior.

  • Acknowledge, at least to myself, my mistakes and resolve to avoid them in the future.

  • Talk confidentially with close friends about efforts of mine that I want to discuss, and listen to them talk confidentially about their efforts they want to discuss.

  • Support the development of social structures that nurture personal and community empowerment.

  • Help transform my nation into a compassionate community dedicated to the common good of all humanity, our own people, the environment, and life itself.

  • Help improve my nation’s public policies to minimize the abuse of power, protect the less powerful, and help assure that all people have a decent opportunity to thrive, fulfill their potential, and achieve their goals.


If you sign, [?] will send you one email to verify your signing and invite you to horizontally discuss your efforts with other signers.

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