The Systemopedia is based on these principles:

1) Our institutions, our culture, and ourselves as individuals are woven together into a self-perpetuating social system, “the System.” Everything is connected.
2) The System’s primary purpose is to encourage everyone to climb social ladders, look down on those below, and look up to those above. The System teaches people, organizations, and nations to dominate or submit, facilitates the upward concentration of wealth and power, undermines self-respect and mutual support, and fosters envy and resentment.
3) As individuals, we reinforce the System when we are excessively selfish, materialistic, domineering, individualistic, and/or competitive.
4) We can advance systemic transformation by promoting a new purpose for our global society: to serve humanity, the environment, and life itself.
5) We can respect legitimate authority, our highest ideals and traditions, and learn how to more profoundly:
—respect each other and nurture partnerships;
—see reality for what it is and take action to improve the world;
—appreciate the awesome beauty of the Creation and the power of the Creator;
—support each other with our personal and spiritual development;
—cultivate humility and acknowledge mistakes, and;
—build healthy nations that cooperate with each other for their mutual benefit.
7) We can expand on the best qualities of the current system with evolutionary revolution, rather than trying to tear down the old order or waiting for it to collapse.
8) We can avoid scapegoating and demonizing. No one element controls the System. We are all responsible, and all of us can help build powerful grassroots movements, which is essential.
9) Reforms undertaken within the framework of a clear commitment to principles such as these can contribute to long-lasting transformation.
10) Work that is only focused on the compassionate reform of one element of the System can also be helpful.

—Wade Lee Hudson, Editor


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