This website presents information, analysis, and proposals for action to advance the holistic transformation of our global social system -- "the System" -- by addressing the whole person, the whole society, and the whole world and nurturing personal, social, cultural, and political change.

As defined here, the System consists of:

  • our culture (our widely accepted beliefs, values, and behaviors);

  • our major institutions (such as the government, economy, media, education, religion, sports, and entertainment):

  • our ecology (our interrelationship with other organisms and the environment), and;

  • ourselves as individuals (who reinforce the System with our daily actions).

These elements reinforce each other and are woven together into a single, global socio-ecological system.

The System’s primary mission is to enable everyone to climb one social ladder or another and look down on and dominate those below -- to “win” while others “lose.” People learn to consider themselves superior to others and deny the essential equality of all humans. Most Americans are deeply socialized into this lifestyle, which is spreading globally as the world is being Americanized. People often aren’t aware of this conditioning, which is largely unconscious. They automatically, habitually, act accordingly and reinforce the domination-driven System.

The System is self-perpetuating. Individuals are responsible for their decisions and should be held accountable for misdeeds, but no particular individual, group of people, or country makes the key decisions. Top-level administrators are easily replaced if they get out of line. Demonizing "enemies" with contempt poisons the atmosphere with irrational anger.  Placing total blame on scapegoats is a diversion. The main problem is the System.

To transform the System will involve changing society’s structures, appearance, and character. As proposed here, this transformation will be facilitated by the people of each country establishing a new mission for their society: to transform our country into a compassionate community dedicated to the common good of all humanity, our own people, the environment, and life itself.  Then, without inflaming rabid nationalism, each nation, while decentralizing political power to the maximum degree feasible, can learn to cooperate with one another to eventually establish the same mission for whole world.

If we simultaneously transform every element in the System -- personal, social, cultural, and political -- we can transform our domination-based System into a partnership-based System. We can change ourselves and how we relate with others. We can support artists who help re-shape our culture. And we can back efforts to improve public policies.

Individuals can be empowered. Our families, communities, and workplaces can become more supportive. Our culture can be enriched. And our governments can be democratized. Improvement in each element can reinforce improvements in the others in an upward spiral of evolutionary revolution.


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