The Problem: Our global social system, the System, encourages everyone to climb social ladders -- gain more wealth, power, fame, or status -- and look down on and dominate those below. That domination-centered System consists of our institutions (government, economy, media, entertainment, schools, churches, etc.), our culture, our ecology, and ourselves as individuals, who reinforce the System with our daily actions.

The Solution: Transform the System into a partnership-centered global community dedicated to the common good of all humanity, the environment, and life itself.


Network members sign the following:

Transform the System Network Commitment

I affirm the Network's mission -- to grow compassionate communities dedicated to the common good of all humanity, the environment, and life itself.

I will nurture personal, social, cultural, and political change to advance that mission in these ways:

  • Personal: I will take care of myself, become a better human being, face my mistakes, and avoid repeating them.

  • Social: I will encourage the growth of compassionate community throughout society.

  • Cultural: I will help spread compassionate attitudes, values, goals, beliefs, and behavior.

  • Political: I will help improve my nation's laws by communicating at least monthly with my local elected representative.

  • Network Support Teams: I will meet at least monthly with at least three other individuals who sign this commitment. Before engaging in our other activities, I will confidentially, concerning whatever I want, report on my recent personal change efforts.

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  1. Network support teams can be three or more friends, relatives, or members of existing organizations, such as a book club, study group, or committee.

  2. Once several support teams are established in a particular region, representatives will occasionally gather to share with one another information about their efforts, explore other ways to advance the Network's mission, and engage in other community-building activities. Eventually, similar national and international gatherings will be convened.

  3. The team that initiates this project will establish legal structures, fundraising efforts, and Internet-based platforms as needed, including a website with ideas and resources that individuals, teams, and larger gatherings might use.


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