Transform the System Workshop


People often talk about “the system”, but there’s little agreement about what it is or how we should change it. The Transform the System Workshop is based on the belief that broad agreement on this issue could lead to greater unity and more effective activism.  

You’re invited to join the workshop by responding to the following questions---or if you don’t want to offer answers now, you can join by replying YES to this email to receive occasional workshop reports.  

As a minimum commitment, workshop members will be asked to review and comment on email reports every two weeks. Possible additional steps will include face-to-face conversations, video calls, and electronic communications. Members will be invited to help design those next steps. Those who offer answers to the focus questions will be free to revise their responses after receiving feedback. Selected submissions may later be included in a Transform the System Reader. I’ll facilitate the process and occasionally share my own thoughts. A list of workshop participants will be maintained here. The workshop is open to everyone in any country who wants to relieve suffering and promote fairness. Responses to the focus questions will be posted here. My initial response is here

The questions are:

  1. What is “the system”? (150 words max)

  2. How should we transform it? (150 words max)

  3. Why should we transform it? (150 words max)

  4. What I am doing to help transform it? (150 words max)

Feel free to click on Comment to offer your answers.

Your interest is appreciated. Please send this invitation to others.


Wade Lee Hudson